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The McAfee Removal Tool (mcrem)

The McAfee Removal Tool (mcrem)

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Download links ( shortcut: myfixes.com/mcrem )

MCREM is a removal tool for McAfee Security Suite products. Read the article for usage instructions.

In situations when the computer is not allowed to download *.exe files try the MCREM Batch file.


For a good period of time people have been using the MCREM batch file to remove the McAfee security center. As the creator of this batch file I was adding new updates to the uninstall application every time McAfee made a modification to their program.

Note: To read more about the MCREM batch file and what it does visit this link: www.myfixes.com/articles/mcrem .

After a while I became so busy with my day job that I completely abandoned the program. In the meanwhile McAfee actually changed the Security Suite radically and the first MCREM became obsolete.

However thanks to the beautiful thing that is the Internet Community another programmer, Scott Lyons picked up the task of maintaining MCREM and created a very fancy uninstaller based on the NullSoft GUI. Many thanks to him for the great work that he has done. To read more about his project please visit his page: http://remove-it.org/tools/mcrem2 .

You can also give us feedback on the way the tool works using this forum thread: http://www.myfixes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=250 or by adding a comment to this article.

How to use it

1. Download the program on your desktop
2. Read and confirm that you accept the license agreement.

3. Confirm that you want to uninstall McAfee.

4. The uninstaller might ask you to restart the machine a couple of times until the removal is complete.

You will find instructions on how to use the MCREM batch file and also uninstallers designed by McAfee for some of their specific programs by clicking on the MCREM BATCH link.

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Submitted by Paul Ionescu
Last modified 2007-09-30
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