Name: BAW$$ Date: 12 Jun 2012
Thanks a lot man this software is very useful... Never I wil install McAfee on a computer anymore

Name: Computer Novice Date: 22 Jan 2011
Thanks so much! You guys are awesome. McRem2 is the only removal tool that worked for me!

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Name: Joe Date: 29 Jul 2010
Finally, something that works. Paul, you are the man. Good Job!

Name: sarah Date: 10 Jan 2010
Thank you so very much for all your work. I used your tool and it cleared Mcafee off my computer. Thank you again.

Name: Anonymous Date: 11 Nov 2009
Hi Paul, Bob again: e-mail: in case that is useful Thanks Bob

Name: RTLN. Date: 17 Jan 2009
didnt work for me, doesnt work anymore

Name: Anonymous Date: 05 Dec 2008
how to uninstall mcafee antivirus in my syatem

Name: elana Date: 12 Nov 2008
Thanks bunches!!! It worked like a charm.

Name: ME YOU Date: 19 Feb 2008
Thank U for Helping Me and anyone if trouble with weired mc afee

Name: Steve H Date: 09 Dec 2007
Excellent! I have been attempting to rid our notebook of McAfee since it arrived and this worked great. Thank you.

Name: Charlie Date: 11 Oct 2007
It definety worked for my system, thank you very much!

Name: rohit bhat Date: 11 Jul 2007
itis a great tool

Name: Jack Y Date: 07 May 2007
I asked Dell to not put the &$^#@@ McAfee program in my new XPS 710 but, they whined about having to do so. Thank goodness I found this application. It remove a number of McAfee files that going through the normal Add/Remove process did not get. How can you trust a program that can;t even remove itself properly... the McAfee program acts like a virus itself. Anyway, this little application got rid of it. Thanks again. P.S..... It was a Dell tech that suggested MCREM to me.

Name: derfie cadarn Date: 23 Feb 2007
thanx for the education it works great

Name: Greg Jenkins Date: 18 Feb 2007
This was the only article I found in 2 days that actually got rid of McAfee. I had the same problem with the 2 remaining .dlll files and this killed them, THANK GOD!! I will never ever use a McAfee product. Too bad Dell has it preloaded when you buy a system. Think I will request that it be banished from any future systems I buy.

Name: Saurabh Date: 08 Jan 2007

Name: mr i love you thank you Date: 11 Dec 2006
no fuss or hassle worked a treat thank you very very much :)

Name: stupid Date: 16 Nov 2006
I m a stupid as i installed your good 4 nothing antvrs ***Added by root: Indeed you are stupid :)

Name: Anonymous Date: 09 Nov 2006
how to completely remove all mcafee from computer?

Name: George Date: 15 Oct 2006
I was unable to find any 032 category in Step 2 but I did find a 023 category with McAfee listed. I assume a transposition was made in the instructions. I was unable to delete the folder as described in Step 4 so I went back into Safe Mode and deleted it. I also did a system search when I completed your instructions and deleted everything McAfee. I was able to remove McAfee from my system. Thank You

Name: Anonymous Date: 11 Oct 2006
Cara M. Hello. This is an excellent article. I myself could not possibly do all these things and I've not been able even to find a "professional" techie for hire who knows any of this stuff. All they say is it's no problem to install another security bundle, you just stick in the disk. They don't even seem aware that McAfee is difficult to remove. It took me a long search to find this page. How I wish you could be hired in my city in Canada.

Name: Marie Date: 10 Oct 2006
Wow! Thanks for getting me rid of that silly McAfee which was "glued" everywhere in my bran-panking new laptop, with no way t get it out! I ran MCREM, and its GONE! Thanks a million, you did the world a great service

Name: anon Date: 12 Sep 2006
This fix certainly appears to work, but I've discovered that I'm unable to load XP up in safe mode on my Dell desktop, which is a bit worrying. I've tried this is 'normal' mode, and am still stuck with the traces of McAfee that are preventing me from installing my chosen security software..... if anyone can anyone help with this, it'd be appreciated.

Name: Sean Date: 08 Sep 2006
This helped me alot and i have saved the mcrem file for future mcafee screw ups Lol, Now if only Mcafee themself would make a program like this other People can get the help they may need! I did a search for a program and almost gave up, then i seen this and was worried about trying it but once i did it was very helpful :) ty for making it!!!

Name: B. Unzicker Date: 14 Aug 2006
Amazingly effective and easy to understand. Thanks.

Name: WCayenneA Date: 22 Jul 2006
McAfee Security Suite was preinstalled on my new laptop (w/ Windows XP Media Center) and I was getting frustrated because the program was not displayed in the Add/Remove menu. I am not a computer expert (generally speaking, I know enough to get myself in trouble). I took a chance with MCREM and was pleased that it did exactly what was promised - the first time! I am greatly relieved and delighted to have rooted this beast from my system. Thank you Paul Ionescu and MyFixes!

Name: Jim D Date: 19 Jul 2006
Outstanding. You made my day! I "removed" McAfee a year ago and had to face that annoying 'Some components of . . . " message every time I started the computer. When I finally went to upgrade my Norton AV, the installation kept quitting when it detected the traces of MdAfee. So it wasn't there, but it wasn't gone. Well, now it's gone, Thanks!

Name: Caterina Date: 15 Jun 2006
TQ, your MCREM really works.

Name: Shannon Harper Date: 14 Jun 2006
Thanks. Finally got rid of McAfee

Name: vanessa Date: 13 Jun 2006
wow, thank you so much. your mcrem solution rocks.

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Excellent solution

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Fantastic Removal Tool! Thank you so much!

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Paul ... YOU RAWK!

Name: Thankful Date: 12 May 2006
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 2 runs of MCREM and it was gooooone!

Name: Steve Toplek Date: 24 Mar 2006
Hi guys So glad I found your site. McAfee uninstall couldn't find it's own log file and despite trying a reinstall before attempting to uninstall again, the same thing happened. Thanks to you, it's now successfully removed from my system.

Name: PJ Date: 12 Mar 2006
I spent an entire day with McAfee people trying to uninstall this garbage. Even after using their "tools" and cleaning the reg, my new AV STILL detected McAfee Firewall! I ran MCREM and I have to say, I think you've done it! For the first time, their "WSC integrator" is gone from my "services" in msconfig. If all goes well from here, I may appoint you my new God. :c)

Name: Anonymous Date: 11 Mar 2006
Not at par with the "symnrt" for removing Norton. Not as effective.

Name: Clark Date: 02 Mar 2006
Absolutely freaking amazing post! You are definately the man!