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Virus Alert - Rogue Spyware Fix

Virus Alert - Rogue Spyware Fix

Symptoms: You are getting a message on the lower right hand corner saying that the computer is infected with a virus.

This is a fake message produced by an advertising program. You are the victim of a rogue antispyware program.

Reboot the computer in safe mode.( http://www.myfixes.com/slides/spyware-18 )

Download RogueScanFix

In the Task Manager window click File->New Task

Execute www.siteFwd.com/rogueb .

Choose run twice, and install the program.

On the last screen insure that Launch Roguescanfix is checked and click Finish.

You will see the following window:

Press Enter

Press Enter

This window its a backup of some removed registry keys. The Brute Force Uninstaller has been executed behind all these windows.

Close all the windows that are open and click ok to all the messages.

Download Smitrem

Navigate to www.siteFwd.com/smit .

Click run twice to launch the installer.

You will see the following window.

Click Start. The files will be automatically extracted on the desktop.

Double click on the smitrem folder.

Double click on RunThis.bat .

Press enter to all the messages that you get. You will have to press enter about 10 times. If an uninstaller program launches choose uninstall.

In the end if the tool was successful you will be presented with this message.

If the malware is not removed do the following:

Download SmitfFraudFix from this location: http://siri.urz.free.fr/Fix/SmitfraudFix.zip

Unzip the files and run SmitFraudFix.

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Submitted by Paul Ionescu
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